WoW volcanoes


In English, the children have been writing an alternative ending to a story we’ve been learning. They have peer assessed these then created a plan to change their endings into scripts. They’ve written these effectively and have also self-assessed these to ensure they achieved the success criteria – an awesome job! Well done to Ruby who became our star writer this week as last week’s big write was full of description. Next week, we move on to learning about Haiku and Tanka (Japanese) poetry based on nature and natural disasters.


In Maths this week, we’ve concluded our learning of quadrilaterals by using our knowledge to solve problems developing their reasoning skills all the while. We ended the week with showing our knowledge of line symmetry and will continue to learn about symmetry in 2D shapes as well as reflectional symmetry in patterns from Monday.


Due to the weather being absolutely dyer this week, we had to do bench ball in the hall. The children absolutely love this and know the rules well and therefore the first group were incredibly swift, accurate and left for the classroom sweating after lots of running around and team play. Our star players this week were Noah (for not taking his eye off the ball) and Ben (for fantastic defending) – a fab job boys!


Have you seen our recent photos of the children making a start on their group Modroc volcanoes? They used cardboard, plastic bottles, masking tape, glue & newspaper to create the foundations and main structure of the mountainous natural disaster. Next week, we’re hoping they will cover these foundations using Modroc which is incredibly messy so it may be worth sending them in with a long/old t-shirt/shirt next Thursday! The kids always love creating these volcanoes with the opportunity to explode them after half term – lots of fun to be had!


Jo Smith, a parent in Year 1, came in this week to start off a new project our class will be involved in over the next 6 weeks. It’s called the WoW project (Web of Well-being) and Jo is a mentor of the new pilot scheme. It’s about highlighting the innate resilience and well-being within children and young people with the idea of understanding how our minds work. We decided to get involved in the project because mental health is just as prevalent in young people as they are with adults and the more that children understand their self-worth and strategies to cope, the better. We look forward to the rest of the sessions and contributing to a global success.


In Science, Miss Brant taught the children all about solids, liquids and gases. They did lots of practical activities and created reports using iPads to help them capture their knowledge and understanding of the states of matter. This is their mini project over the next few academic weeks.


A massive well done to Caitlin who becomes our star pupil this week as she has worked her socks off becoming the first child to smash their Accelerated Reader target. An awesome job – who will be our final star pupil of the half term?


Have a great weekend all.


Mr L


Summer Week 4

The children acted out the plays they were learning last week and did a fab job using success criteria. This week, they have learned about stage directions and changing narrative into script so that next week the children can write alternative endings to a story before planning and writing their own script. They’ve really enjoyed the unit so far! Our Big Write, the children chose. They really liked the writing stimulus so who am I to go against them? I wanted them to really show off their description and punctuation skills. I’m looking forward to reading these over the weekend and seeing who will be our next star writer!

It’s been all about shape this week in maths and it’s been rather harder than I thought! We’ve spent time working on identifying different triangles based on their properties and have also started to learn about quadrilaterals. There is a lot of tricky vocabulary linked to this area of maths but using their angle knowledge, identifying them gave them half a chance! We will continue to focus on this topic next week.

P.E saw the final tennis/rounders session for each group before swapping around next week so that the children all get to experience both sports. They have gained in confidence over the past three weeks and have enjoyed learning new skills.

In topic, the children had to locate major volcanoes of the world and carry out some research in order to compare them. They then shared their information with the rest of the class. We will plot some of these on our class world map! Next week, we may start building our Modroc volcanoes! If you have any old newspapers, please send it on Monday – much appreciated!!

The children learned about a surrealist painter called Rene Magritte who created some intriguing art work. They then had to sketch Mount Vesuvius erupting in pupil of an eye as if it was a reflection, watching the devastation unfold from Pompeii. The children will be multiple drafting these to improve their techniques.

In our circle time session that we managed to do in the sunshine, we explored how animals can be very special for differing reasons. We also explored vegetarianism with the opportunity to understand why people choose this way of eating. It led to some interesting debate. Next week, we welcome Jo Smith to the classroom who will be introducing a 6 week PSHE project with the class in order to learn more about them as people within the world. We’re looking forward to seeing the outcomes.

Miss Brant taught the children how to use an app called ‘book creator’ to create a guide to St Hilary church. They inserted the photos they took last week and wrote text alongside them so that the reader understands the features of a Christian church.

In computing, Mr Davy taught the children to use an app called ‘Garageband’ as they had to explore the different sounds that could be created and put together. They also used a website called ‘snap’ to investigate coding.

Well done to Cody who becomes our star pupil this week as he has had a solid week and produced some decent writing.

Have a great weekend all,

Mr Larter


A 4 day week

A short week has gone very well with lots of learning!

In Maths, we’ve focussed our attentions on angles. First, we’ve identified 4 different types of angles learning about the ‘angles family’ (ask your children!) Just by looking at them, they have labelled and compared angles to solve problems. We’ve also played games whereby the children were tasked with showing different angles using parts of their bodies as well is in varying groups. The pictures on our webpage (Summer photographs / Videos) show this off brilliantly. The children then had to order angles according to their sizes ready to learn about angles within triangles and quadrilaterals next week.

The children have been donning their acting skills this week as they have been learning all about play scripts. What is their purpose? Why are they structured the way they are? How do they compare to stories? Are all questions we’ve asked and answered. Reading and acting out different play scripts based on well-known traditional tales and classics, the children have improved on their reading ability as well as their understanding of the genre. Next week, they will be converting story speech into play script structure and writing alternative endings to fairy tales.

Freddy became our star writer this week due to his superb persuasive estate-agent styled advert last week – well done!

Our PSHE lesson this week was certainly an eye opener. It was a serious one! It was based around ‘loss’ and not necessarily the loss of people from our lives but that of a pet, a special object or a friend leaving us. However, whilst in discussion, many children did allude to this and we thought about the range of emotions we feel. It never ceases to amaze me the type of mature answers that some children respond with; they often think of things that we have not! What interested me is that the majority of children thought that being dropped from a sports team is valued higher than losing a special, personal object. Is this because as a school and a community, we value sports a lot? Or that we’re extremely competitive? Next week, we’ll continue to think about special relationships.

Our P.E session this week was great! We could see visible progress in their skills. In my tennis group, all we used was racquets, balls and cones to improve their accuracy and the kids loved it. Our star player was Ollie B because he improved immensely from the beginning to the end of the session. In Mrs Randall’s rounders group, the children continued to play games and really improved their fielding skills. Because he ran around so much defending so brilliantly, Gabe became star player of that group – well done to both boys!

In topic, the children learned all about features of a volcano and began to understand how and why they explode. They learnt about the different types of states of volcanoes: active, dormant and extinct. We did some role play to help remember this too! Next week, the children will learn how to complete some artwork based on Magritte’s ‘Eye of a Volcano’ based on the Pompeii.

Miss Brant took the children to St Hilary Church on Friday afternoon in order to learn about the features of the Christian holy place. They took pictures in order to create a guide to St Hilary Church using an app called Book Creator. This will be developed over the next week or two so as to give more information for the reader.

A massive well done to Charlie who becomes our star pupil this week due to being a really consistent child both in behaviour and work – awesome!

Have a fab weekend all

Mr L


A week back from camp…already!

So it’s been a whole week since we got back from camp. First of all, I’d like to say thank you for trusting us with looking after your children. Secondly, I’d like to say how awesomely successful Delaware was and we’re really proud of every child for conquering their fears, trying new things, showing resilience, confidence and team work skills throughout the residential. I’m hoping that the skills they learn will be transferred into the classroom; some children have already gained a lot of confidence from it…

All of the photos are on our class webpages for all to see so take a look! We hope you enjoy them.

This week, it’s been a ‘bitty’ week. We’ve completed our Delaware diaries which the children have taken home. We hope that you’re able to get a glimpse into their time away and enjoy reading what they’ve been up. The children have also written thank you cards to the Delaware staff which I’ve sent away. I’m sure the instructors will really appreciate it!

We’ve focussed on the use of punctuating speech accurately in English. Whilst some children use inverted commas (speech marks) well, they don’t use other punctuation accurately enough in their natural writing so we’ve given them tasks to ensure they are able to use them more in the future. Commas seem to be the punctuation mark that is often missed out or misused so this will continue to be a focus during the summer term.

Our Big Write this week was based on persuasive estate agent styled adverts. The children were tasked with selling ‘Delaware’ the building and the experience it offers! I thought that this would be a great stimulus as the children have great knowledge of the place so can really describe it. I’m looking forward to reading these.

In Maths, we’ve focussed on aspects of time that we learnt last term. This is still an area that the children need more time on yet we have to move on to other areas. Any help at home with this, would be appreciated! Next week, we shall be moving onto angles!

The children have learnt about special places in R.E this week reflecting on their own special places. They also discussed how churches are special places for Christians and they have started to learn about features of these religious buildings. They will visit St Hilary church in the next couple of weeks to observe the features in depth to understand their purpose.

P.E saw the children split into their two groups again. One half learned some skills in the sport of rounders with Mrs Randall and Harry Parton (Sports coach) and the other half learned basic tennis skills with me. As you can imagine, there were lots of balls flying about but it is hoped that over the coming weeks, children will gain more skill!

In our PSHE lesson, we started a new topic of ‘relationships’. We established special people in our lives and how relationships come in all different guises. They recognised feelings that belonging to a relationship makes them feel and created a web of people that they have special relationships with. We shall continue to explore relationships this half term.

We kicked off our topic this term by thinking about what we already know about natural disasters and researched a topic of our choice to gain further understanding. We’ve asked lots of questions we want to find out over the coming weeks and the children seemed excited about what we could find out! We’ve got lots of engaging sessions ahead of us to really engage them in this topic.

A massive well done to Gabe and Joel who are our star pupils this week because, quite simply, their behaviour and focus has been outstanding.

Have a great long weekend,

Mr Larter


End of Spring Term

A short blog this week to celebrate that it is the end of term! It’s certainly been a busy 6 weeks with more going on than I can even remember!

First of all, I’m proper proud of Caitlin and Charlie who were both picked to join the green power car club taking them to RNAS Culdrose to compete in a competition! With a few more members from KS2, over time they created little cars to strict specifications with the legend Mr Davy. And would you believe it that out of 76 cars, including ones from secondary schools, Charlie came 1st! What an achievement from all of the team members – go St Hilary!

In English, the children have completed their persuasive texts in the style of an estate agent advert. I wish we had more time to multiple draft them and display them but it’s been a rush to get them finished!

Like-wise with Maths where the children have converted 12-hour clock to 24-hour time and have written the time in words. After camp, we will continue learning about time for a short time so as to really embed this concept ready for Year 5.

Science, PSHE, Music, P.E, R.E & a kahoot quizzing afternoon has seen the rest of the week been packed full of learning. Not to mention lots of certificates being handed out and an Easter egg raffle to-boot!

A massive well done to Annalisa and Ruby for working really hard, being attentive & producing excellent work who both become our final star pupil of the spring term.

Please note that a kit list for Delaware is on our class website in case you need it.

A massive thank you to everyone’s support – it’s been great to see you all over the last couple of weeks. A huge thank you to my rocks, Mrs Randall & Miss Rowe who keep me sane and support your children’s learning amazingly!

Have an awesome holiday, I’m off to Florence for a short break and relaxation ready for camp!

Mr Larter


Bursting with pride!

Wow! I’m bursting with pride. The children were simply incredible during our class exhibition giving you the chance to see all we’ve been learning through some of the hands-on experiences they have had this term. They were all polite, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and passionate. There are not enough superlatives to describe how fantastic the afternoon went and I’d like to personally thank you all for coming and allowing the children time to explain and show everything they have learnt. Your time is precious and so it means a lot that you helped us celebrate. Go team Gwithian class! The pictures are already on our class webpage so please take a look. A huge thank you to Mrs Randall and Miss Rowe who both worked their socks off leading up to and during the event. Mrs Randall hasn’t been very well this week but she soldiered on and I can’t thank her enough!

Due to assessments, exhibition prep, parent meetings and everything else going on, we’ve had a little less time for hearing children read so many apologies for the lack of this recently.

In Maths, the children have been learning about time. This is always a tricky concept as some children already know it where as some have no prior experience apart from knowing when snack time is! They have been reading analogue clocks, writing digital times, using clocks to help tell the time and explaining their reasoning to gain a further understanding. Next week we will move on to the 12 and 24 hour conversions.

In English the children have identified the structural features of an estate agents advert including bullet points that help to separate information. They then had to write all the aspects of a roman villa that make it sound desirable. They also learnt about rhetorical questions where the reader doesn’t have to answer the question but are used to be a persuasive device. I’m sorry if they start saying things like ‘Don’t you want me to learn about…’, or ‘Do you want me to suffer in silence if I’m not allowed to watch the TV?’ Next week, the children will plan and write their persuasive adverts.

P.E saw the penultimate swimming session for some of the children who are said to be making lots of progress. The others played bench ball due to the horrendous weather. It was a great afternoon as when the children weren’t playing, they were marking down when certain players had caught/thrown the ball so it made them think about tactics and to ensure they all passed the ball throughout all team members. Our star players were Harry who was simply fantastic in making sure the ball was intercepted, Lewis who was his team’s go to when the ball needed circulating and Alex for great defending skills. Well done guys!

The children have continued to learn about electricity with Mr Davy this week and they have also created cards for certain family members – I hope that all mums have a truly special mother’s day!

Our star pupil this week has to be Logan as he has tried exceptionally hard in all aspects of school life – I’m very proud of him!

A short blog for you all this week as I’m shattered,

Enjoy the weekend,

Mr Larter


A reasonably normal week

It’s been a reasonably normal week for us in Gwithian Class, except for carrying out routine assessments that are used to track pupil progress.

In Maths, the children have compared decimal numbers using different strategies such as looking at each column from left to right, adding zeroes to make the same amount of decimal places, putting them in lists and using greater/less than symbols. With this knowledge, they have also solved problems. Next week, we will be moving onto all things time!

English has seen the children identify features of a persuasive advert in the style of an estate agent. They’ve read an advert to sell St Hilary School (with all its contents including staff!) to learn from the language used. The children then had to try to describe different houses to write a short description to sell the property in the most persuasive way possible. The children’s Big Writes sounded awesome when everyone wanted to read theirs out – this shows just how much they love to write poems – I’m genuinely looking forward to marking them all.

P.E saw our first outdoor session of half term – at last! Before Christmas, the children learnt either rugby with Mrs Randall or hockey with me. So it was time to switch them round in order for all children to gain experiences in different sports. As Mrs Randall was at a Year 5/6 swimming gala, Harry Parton (our sports coach) took over. Our hockey session was fantastic. Some of the children had never touched a hockey stick before and they loved it, learning the stances, basic dribbling, and step in to passes as well as a bit of push shooting. Harry said they played lots of littles games to improve their techniques and skills. More developing of these next week.

In topic, the children have compared the geographical features of two European countries, the UK and Italy. It was interesting to see the differences between mountains, rivers, climate, population and landmarks of these two places. We have also begun to prep up for next week’s anticipated class exhibition/workshops. We’ve got a lot in store for you to show off our fantastic learning from the term in order to answer the question ‘If Romans is the answer what is the question?’

Mr Davy was ecstatic about teaching about electricity. The children did lots of practical activities to enhance their learning of how circuits are created using vocab such as positive, negative, solar panels, electrons, and conductor to name a few! They created circuits to light up bulbs, solar panels and mimicked a wind machine too! They drew labelled circuits using scientific vocabulary to extend their knowledge further – brilliant stuff!

Miss Brant taught the children about lent and how temptations can get in the way of breaking promises / morals. She asked the children ‘What would you do if you found £50?’ the results were certainly enlightening which clearly created debate! Some changed their minds, whilst others stood fast with their opinions. A great way to explore how and why people of the Christian faith give up foods during the period leading up to Easter.

A huge well done to Lola and Ava who represented Penwith at the cross country school games – a super but scary experience for them both.

Harry is the deserved winner of our star pupil award this week as his work has been consistently outstanding and he always tries his very best – well done.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Mr Larter